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  • 宁波亿锐机电有限公司
  • 电话: 0086-574-87071181/87167679
  • 传真: 0086-574-87071181


  • application 织袜机,织布机,无缝内衣机,卷烟机
  • brand_name 宁波亿锐
  • place_of_origin 宁波
  • minimun_order_quantity 10
  • supply_ability 现货
  • payment_terms 款到发货
  • packaging_detail 随货
  • delivery_detail 如果运输途中受损,供货商承担责任。
  • certficate 合格证


         高品质意大利织袜机感应器, 德国经编机,织布机感应器,感应线,接近开关,D4840043, S0406021, D4841290, U8840159, D4840054, D4840218, D4840649, D4840195, LCAVMIL046, ELCAVMIL016, D4841292, M775320, M771730, M843931, G2900133 欢迎在线选下单, 这些产品都是我们公司的成熟产品,价廉物美,常年有现货,支持款到发货,购买我们公司产品的时候,请索要增值税发票,公司谢绝员工私下交易。
         欢迎订购本公司产品,如果您有别的规格尺寸的需求,欢迎前来定制, 其他产品, 织袜机钢铁件,喂纱梭子,走针棱角穿纱板,生克圈,生克罩等等意大利袜机的品国产配件
汽车配件业务,如果您对此感兴趣,欢迎参观我们汽车配件的网站,包含现代起亚汽车品牌的汽车部件(囊括了汽车大灯 后视镜 连杆曲轴 雨刮器 等)。欢迎前来定制,感谢您的光临。欢迎前来定制,感谢您的光临。
       A usual and trusted item in Tantex Corp, D4841290, D4841291, D4841292, proximity sensor, a very popular sensor for LONATISANTONILIBAKARL MAYER warp knitting, socks knitting machines, welcome to order this one and any other (GRACO, WAC DATA, SANTONI, LIBA, SANGIACOMO, UNIPLET, KARL MAYERLONATI, MULLERMATEC, COMEZ, SOOSAN, COLOSIO, DAH HEERDAKONG, KYANG YHE, CONTI COMPLETT, PICANOL, TSUDAKOMA, DORNIER, SOMET, VAMATEX, TOYOTA, SULZER...) knitting machine parts and needles, if you are a parts distributor or an agent of Tantex, you can order any quantity you like, immediate shipment, whatever you see here will be what you get after purchase, they will be as good as we have discribed to you, if not correct or if you just can not mount it as a replacement part on your machine, you can get it returned or changed on Tantex's Fedex or DHL account. 
       A leading supplier of proximitysolenoid valvescircular cutterscarbide knife, fingers, encodersrotary hooks, needle actuator and selectors, keyboards, LCD displays, air pistonsair filters, stepping motors, GREASE/LUBRICATION PUMPS & PUMP PARTS, crankshaft and connecting rods, hosiery machines, warp knitting machine parts, loom parts, industrial sewing machine spare parts for sale ... 
      We also have car replacement auto parts, if you are interested in Car Parts(Hyundai Kia Suzuki,etc),for example headlamp, crankshaft, connected rod, Grille etc.